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"I live in Hazleton, PA, but a native to Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding suburbs.​ I hold a B.S in Health Care Administration and have always enjoyed everything healthcare related! Especially helping people get "unstuck" on their journey of life. I am also pursuing my Doctorate in Metaphysics with a specialization in Transpersonal Counseling and Parapsychology


I am a professional Tranformational life coach with certified specialties in Holistic, Spiritual, and Christian life coaching.  I am also certified as an Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.​ I definitely believe in understanding the connection between the Metaphysical (reality beyond what we perceive with our senses), and its impact on the spiritual body, physical body and mental bodies. I also am trained as an Intellectual Health Mentor for those on the journey to Mental Health Recovery or a life of "Wellbeing".


I founded, and, for those on a spirititual journey or going through awakening.  I just launched my Metaphysical retail store: Metaphysical Monastery, where you have access to over 4000 spiritual and metaphysical items. I am spiritually gifted in the area of E.S.P. I also am a spiritual advisor on Bitwine and Expert (mental health/Law of Attraction) for PrestoExperts in my spare time.  I keep a full book guiding and mentoring people in the areas of Spirituality and Spiritual Emergence, Energy Analysis, Quantum Healing, Energy Healing, Life questions/Metaphysical Profiles, Well-being, The Law of Attraction, Intellectual Health, Life Coaching for Success, Holistic Health Consulting, Christian Counseling, Thought Reprogramming( Brain Mapping), Cognitive behavioral therapy, Spiritual Journey Guide, Shamanic Practioner, Metaphysical Practitioner, Entity removal, Sub-conscious Communication and Much More!  I use live chat, email correspondence, skype audio calls, in-person and phone sessions! I accept all major credit cards online and in-person! So please contact me any time and feel free to ask me ANYTHING! My toll-free number: 1-844-436-7883.








I am a mommy to four wonderful children, who are "the sunshine of my life".   I'm a fun loving person who believes there is beauty in all walks of life, and that every difficulty is essentially a course in "being human"....and every formed relationship you experience, is always a reflection of yourself. The question one may want to ask themself is if they can accept the fact that every person they encounter may be a hidden "teacher" on their journey while on Earth.


What Clients Say:

Client Testimonials:
" I am blown away by her intuitiveness and her deep connection that she has right from the start. Many times we would talk she could tell by the sound of my voice exactly what I was feeling and offered her wonderful words of encouragement" -Alana B.


"Sabrina, you have been an inspiration to me. I appreciate every single minute we shared together. You are a woman of integrity and you are unique. I thank God for bringing you my way" - Brad R.

"...from that first meeting or conversation you will be truly connected with someone who has God on speed dial" -Alana B.

"You just saved me a year of my life" -Rachael S.

"I needed to hear this because I was miserable and I know it will be okay" -Patricia H.

"You were right on...very accurate!" - Patricia H.

"I honestly believe you are our Fathers vessel..." -Mark B.

"I was rereading what you wrote me last night, and it was dead on! Thanks for being there whenever I need you" - Janae C.

Are you ready to start the journey of a life time?

"I must say this is the most rewarding work I have ever experienced"- Sabrina D. McGrory


"True change happens when you surrender. Control is an illusion of the Ego. The prison of the spirit" - Sabrina D. McGrory

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